They are Corporates, Startups, Government Organizations having out of the box ideas.


Our Consultants helped Globecommerce to make shape with business model and idea. We provide the complete solution at the end with server efficiency and product support optimisation. We love the culture and idea of Globecommerce.

I appreciate the culture and effort of LearnShizers. I think they have strong principles for their good quality work.




We helped BPB by providing our professional designers to fulfil their in-house business requirement. We understand that sometimes our client needs an in-house team. We make sure that this demand is fulfilled with efficiency.

I appreciate their onsite team support with consistent and good quality work.

Nrip Jain

BPB Publications


Using the power of design and speed, we have built this as per client’s requirement and expectations because we know standard business always believes in standard platform.

I love the speed and solutions of LearnShizers. Truly appreciated the quality principles.

Reena Sachan



We are always happy to help local communities who are spreading knowledge in society that’s why we helped Google IO Extended Faizabad for their 2018 online event showcase by providing online web application.

Amazing support and like the way community dedicated team helped me to settle everything from scratch.

Prafulla Sahu

Google IO Extended Faizabad


We know food startups are always concerned about their platform user experience and optimisation that’s why we have provided complete and automated digital platform to ChaiShots.

Love the design and business analyst team. Thanks for professional work.

Tanay Agarwal



We know health startups and their process are very important for our society that’s why we helped Dentalbajar to build a complete digital e-commerce based platform for all kinds of medicines supplies.

I loved the business process team who helped me to optimise my idea in a more better way. I have got full technical support from LearnShizers. Really appreciate the business process and Quality work.

Gaurav Gupta


Employement Engine


We know the importance of words and content for your platform that’s why we have delivered professional and quality content for Talink.me

Nice Guys, Specially the live tracking feature they are offering is amazing.



Hotel Sector

When we are working with Casa Arvona, they told us that they are not experienced in this business so they can’t give exact input what they want but they want best because they are planning this business for the long run. We have done full research about their place and resources on which they are going to start the business on the basis of that we have listed Casa Arvona on suitable platforms to generate leads and promote it on social media by giving them unique identity with world-class graphics and insights. We are happy because we have helped owners to build it from scratch.

I am really happy how LearnShizers helped us from picking best platforms for generation to promote our services over social media. Now we are doing good.

Thanks LearnShizers.

Amit Arora

CEO, Casa Arvona


The owner of TEI came to us with a problem of his website optimization and we figured out the problem the website is having due to unused resources, disabled caching, no SVG interpretation, and many other factors. We listed the problems and solved them. After that, we generated health report of the website and verified everything is ok. We enjoyed to help TEI.

Amazing Communication and Product Quality.

I will work with LearnShiz next time for sure

Damodhar P



We developed a corporate business website for Wicisolutions according to their business requirement and country regulations. We used LAMP stack to provide them a better solution with AWS based hosting.

I got full support and best solution from LearnShizers.