They are

having out of the box ideas.

Retail E-commerce


One of the Poland's Largest Affiliate E-commerce platform.

We have built e-commerce platform according to client’s business requirement from scratch. In this system client can handle the daily transactions and handle other things using admin dashboard.

Home Automation


UAE Based Smart Home And Hospitality Experience Startup.

We have built web application and design Android and IOS application for Osmia users. We have developed consistent and user-friendly interface.

Food Sector


New Delhi Unique Food Based Startup.

We have built a web application for Chaishots to showcase the dishes and uniqueness of the food business. We have done the user experience research to make sure that the texture and touch of the idea should be reflected from web application look.


GT Consulting

Schweiz's Consulting Organisation website.

We have built a solution for GT Consulting from scratch with Reena to showcase their business services and online business presence.


Google I/O 18 Faizabad

Google I/O Community Event Faizabad

We have built a event registration website for Google I/O Faizabad community with payment portal integration.

Health Sector

Dental Bajar

Indian Medicine Supply Based E-commerce Platform.

We have built an e-commerce platform for DentalBajar to sell medicines having admin dashboard to see all transactions, create offers, payment status, product upload and removal.



3 Decades Popular Music Albums company.

We have done API integration and functionality part for Veena in React.



India's Advanced Investigation Private Agency.

We have optimised the website speed and improved SEO for Third Eye Investigation.


Global Information Engine & Targeted Marketing Platform.

We have built an android application for Tal-com to show the services and blogs they offering for mobile users. We have done it from scratch using web application APIs and web view.