Globecommerce - Case Study

We have started Globecommerce from scratch. As per client requirement it should be easy to use and budget friendly that’s why we have suggested wocommerce with custom plugins integration to provide all the standard functionalities required.  As  per business requirement we have integrated it with CJ Affiliate system APIs to make it perfect affiliate e-commerce platform.

Functionalities we delivered are :

  1. Admin Dashboard.
  2. Autocomplete AJAX Search bar.
  3. Cart Functionality.
  4. Product Suggestion Engine.
  5. Social Share Links for Products.
  6. Zoom Product Image Viewer
  7. Responsive Interface
  8. Progressive Web Application support.

As per client’s business need there is no such need of specific native applications but we waned to cover all device users that’s why we have integrated Progressive Web Application also with web application.

Design Part

For design part our team worked on the different concepts to deliver best logo as per business requirement. We have done complete user experience research for users and followed standards of W3C to deliver final designs for production.

Automated Backup

We have configured CRON service for automatic backup and installed plugins to take backup manually also. We have used lazy loading concept to load large pages effectively.

Client's Feedback

Good Work Team. We have got exactly what we have targeted.