How we have built Casa Arvona from Scratch for our Clients

When we are working with Casa Arvona, they told us that they are not experienced in this business so they can’t give exact input what they want but they want best because they are planning this business for the long run. We have done full research about their place and resources on which they are going to start the business on the basis of that we have listed Casa Arvona on suitable platforms to generate leads and promote it on social media by giving them unique identity with world-class graphics and insights. Here are some key points which explain how we helped Casa Arvona:

Google Search Results of Casa Arvona
  1. We analyzed the geographical location and locality of the hotel and figured out how will be a customer’s experience when they will go there.
  2. We check the details of amenities with owners what they are offering to the customers.
  3. We shortlisted some good platforms where we want to list Casa Arvona but owner’s want website for their hotel. We told them about the conditions and budget because when they are going to start a new venture, they should focus on business and they will get good leads from aggregator platforms. They agreed with us after seeing the future’s expenses what they are going to save.
  4. We asked owner’s to collect some good and professional pictures of property for posting on platforms.
  5. We listed Casa Arvona on 4 platforms.
  6. We build social media and run promotions by targeting small business ventures, students, and couples who are planning for Goa visit.
  7. We build some custom packages for special seasonal promotions.
  8. We build facebook based API bot for a good experience of users and after 45 to 50 days they have got clients.

Now they are doing good and handling things on their own because we have made everything for them superb easy. So as you have seen LearnShizers always trying to make client’s life easy and hassle-free. We loved the way we helped Casa Arvona and Mr. Amit. We are happy what we have got as feedback from him.

I am really happy how LearnShizers helped us from picking best platforms for lead generation to promote our services over social media. Now we are doing good.
Thanks LearnShizers.

Amit Arora
CEO, Casa Arvona

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