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Want To Schedule 2 Days Online Coding WorkShop In Your School

Are you really want to add values to your school students’ study curriculum as an owner or teacher of school? But before that let’s see why coding is important


According to research, In the initial years of our childhood, we learned a lot and that makes so much impact on our life. If at that time only kid learns coding, it will improve the following things:

1. Coding improves thinking ability.
2. Coding improves problem solving skills.
3. Coding is way to talk computers and nowadays it is like another language.
4. Coding improves math skills also.
5. Coding improves academic performance and boost confidence of kid.

But there is no end of advantages of coding at little age in terms of boosting a kid’s career and improving thinking skills!


In our country, we have a lack of knowledge in terms of school students coding competitions and open source programs. In this fast pace of development, we all know coding is one of the best things which anyone can learn. That’s why we have introduced this one to one live learning program direct from industry experts, top open source contributors, and competitive programmers. We also guide you on how to explore opportunities that can boost your kid’s career!

For whom you can organize this workshop?

Our Educators are doing workshop for 6-18 years students.

What we will do in an online workshop?

It will total 2 days workshop in which agenda will be two following topics:

  1. Why Coding is important?
  2. What is a Programming language?
  3. What are the current and future applications of coding?
  4. Real-life problems and solutions through coding
  5. Events, competitions, and platforms where students showcase their skills of programming and get prizes at national and international levels.
  6. How students learn and boost their careers through programming?
  7. Examples of some great legends who have made their career through programming.
  8. MCQ Test

What students will get?

Topper (1st ) student will get a free voucher to subscribe to Rs. 4999/- course and merit certificate.

Other students will get participation certificate and study material.

Who will teach in the workshop?

A skilled person having experience in programming, competitive programming, and, open-source contribution. LS Educator also knows about Google Summer Of Code, Google Code In, Hacktoberfest, Indian Computing Olympiad, Capture the flag junior and other important exams and events which can boost your kid’s career.

Steps to schedule a workshop?

  1. Click on below SCHEDULE WORKSHOP NOW button and fill the form.
  2. Our team will contact you in the next 72 hours and accordingly plan everything.

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