We understand the importance of One to One Guidance

We understand import to guidance especially when we are talking about coding which teaches you how to think that’s why we have experienced professionals having experience in open source contest like GSOC, Mozilla Open Source, Hacktoberfest, and coding competition like ACM-ICPC who will teach and guide you kid.

We understand for different kids, there can be a different way of learning and that’s why we have introduced one to one live learning program where your kid can learn and explore the good opportunities.

Why LS Educate?

In our country, we have a lack of knowledge in terms of school students coding competitions and open source programs. In this fast pace of development, we all know coding is one of the best things which anyone can learn. That’s why we have introduced this one to one live learning program direct from industry experts, top open source contributors, and competitive programmers. We also guide you on how to explore opportunities that can boost your career!

To know more visit educate.learnshiz.com

To schedule, free demo class ping us on our Facebook page or write us to at contact@learnshiz.com

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